PSN Outage Begins To Hit Retail

Edge: "The ongoing PlayStation Network outage is beginning to have an effect on the high street, Edge can reveal. Our sources indicate a growing trend of PS3 consoles being traded in for cash or Xbox 360s, slumping sales of PSN points cards and a shift in the ratio of multiplatform game sales and pre-orders away from PS3."

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daniel_papa2567d ago

this is no surprise but very sad

rockleex2566d ago

Well MY sources indicate a growing trend of 360 consoles being traded in for cash or PS3s.

Where's my proof? I don't need any, just like how this article doesn't need any.

xino2567d ago Show
mcstorm2567d ago

TBH this dose not surprise me in the UK as it is a big XBOX country any way so you will find it will be mates that are making the switch to play online.

I am not a big PSN user so this has not affected my like alot of other people but I would only expect the same response if xbox live was down for this long or any online service no matter how big or small they are just because of the way online gaming has changed the console market.

KingLizzle2567d ago

I'm a PS3 gamer and love the console but I've been really disappointed by Sony's response. No decent updates or sticking to timeframes. I do most of my gaming online with the same bunch of guys and some of those have lost patience and switched. So now I've ended up ordering a 360 too. I'll still keep my PS3 and decide title by title which console to get it on depending on exclusive content or timed DLC. Not too worried about paying for Live - I just won't renew my PSN Plus subscription.

tplarkin72566d ago

You won't want to play PS3 after playing 360. And, since when does Sony stick to a deadline?

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The story is too old to be commented.