Access Denied! 18 Places Google Maps Won't Let You See

Google has always tried to keep a very open policy with the general public, but it can’t always be entirely forthcoming, as is the case with Google Maps. Google has very little say in what gets censored and what doesn’t, be it for personal privacy or national security. Finding censored objects on Google Maps isn’t the easiest task, as most look like imaging anomalies, rather than some big black bar with “CENSORED” written in large text.

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GodsHand2598d ago

I don't recall what city it was, but there have been articles of some city saying google had removed them from the face of the map on two occassions. I think someone is trying to censor them.

Captain Tuttle2598d ago

I have a very wealthy buddy from college and his dad has a place in Florida and that's blurred out on Google Maps. I think it's pretty common.

BuckyBarnes2598d ago

they missed area 51, area 52, and a whole bunch of others

Speed-Racer2598d ago

Technically Area 51 isn't hidden. They just keep all their cool stuff below ground out of sight.

sickshot692598d ago

thats nuts but i'm pretty sure there are more places though