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Google Music Beta website goes live in the US

Neowin: "The website for Google Music Beta has gone live. According to the website, you’ll be able to listen to any music you upload to the anticipated cloud service offline, and it tracks what you’ve listened to recently to make it automatically available offline. You will also be able to easily select which songs/artists/playlists that you want to make available offline."

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toaster2602d ago

US only :( Hopefully Google will expand Music outside of the US soon. I'm happy with Amazon Cloud already, but hey you can never have enough cloud storage space, hehe.

KingLizzle2602d ago

Hopefully as the service expands they'll start to offer music as a rival to Apple and Amazon. More competition can only be a good thing for consumers.

toaster2602d ago

I dunno how well it will do though since Google didn't sign with any labels to distribute music.

KingLizzle2602d ago

I think initially it is just a cloud storage solution but they are looking to sort deals with labels in the future. They already tried to make some but they couldn't reach agreeable terms. Greedy music industry!

Sahil2602d ago

It'll be interesting to try this out. Amazon may have been right to release their Cloud Player ahead of Google I/O. Time will tell.

Sahil2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Grrr... When can we expect it in Europe?
It's the only music service, so far, I'm willing to give a true chance.