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Samsung Unveils Whopping 75-inch 3D LED HDTV

In Korea, Samsung today unveiled a monster, 75-inch 3D HDTV, in the form of the D9500.

The TV, which is currently the largest LCD HDTV features a 240Hz display, for smoother images, includes Smart TV features and uses Samsung's active shutter 3D technology.

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Syko2539d ago

Saw this first hand at CES this year back in January.

Brix were shat.
Tears were shed.

Looked large sitting in the middle of a convention center.

Ramon3MR2538d ago

If it looks that large in a convention room, imagine inside a house!

GodsHand2539d ago

@ $17,600.00, I think I will have to sit this one out. I am not looking for another car payment a month.

Ramon3MR2538d ago

It's a ton of money but damn, I'd love at least one of these bad boys in my living room.