Anonymous member AnonOps releases an open letter to Sony and the media.

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Senden2573d ago

Jokes on them tbh.. apparently an Anon member got pissed off and turned on them taking out their IRC channels.

Sahil2572d ago

I hope this is true, these guys should get their arses kcked, very badly!

norman292573d ago

Isn't it spelt 'Disappointed' ?

Anarki2572d ago

It's a meme... If you google "I am disappoint" you will see.

Irishrocket692573d ago

Wow, based on the comments*, some people must really beleive that Sony, a corporation, still have no responsibility for all that happened. This is especially amazing considering that Sony was well aware of the security holes that were pointed out to them months prior and yet they did nothing. Your online capabilities have been off for almost three weeks with no firm announcement when it will return, users information were stolen from unsecured servers and still no one puts the blame on Sony. Well it will be interesting what Sony makes you agree to to not take legal action against them when they offer you a few free games and you won't care because it is never Sony's fault when their security is breached or their system fails or ......

*the origional linked article.

Senden2573d ago

It's sad because it's true. So many people on this site blindly defend Sony despite the fact they're clearly at fault here. Tbh though I think it's time to just accept the facts that some people will happily bend over backwards and accept whatever Sony offers them all because of their loyalty for a corporate brand.

gaden_malak2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Sony's firewall was up-to-date.

Might want to check your facts before spouting them.

vagina2572d ago

@ gaden_malak,

that one server was but many many more of them were not, and as they say "you are only as strong as your weakest link"


maybe you should check your facts...

fatstarr2572d ago

No other company in the world could get away with something like this. to me its either your console gets hacked early or you just wait for Armageddon 5/6 years later when its finally hacked and everything hits the fan.

Millions have had their identity compromised in some shape or form. 1 month will pass soon since this happened. Had Microsoft or Google been hit with this the supreme court would have their heads. Anon is just a collaboration of millions of people that go to a site anyone that goes there gets counted into the anon pool. I feel like sony messed up and 1 count of identity theft is not worth 100$ in Egoods and things.

and this is techspy. Im tired of seeing this Sony stuff all over this needs to go back to n4g.

BubbleSniper2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

you ever had identity theft happen to you where it cost you more than 4k from your bank? try 8k... Sony was a target. plain and simple

people are too busy to play the blame game than open their eyes to what's really going on.

what happened was the result of persistence. this runs much deeper than what is being displayed by ANY media organization at this time.

i'm not defending SONY because they had a responsibility to protect details, regardless of the FREE Online or whatever, but I am not putting the blame SOLEY on them.

i am putting the blame on those that would do this in the first place

the ones or one who would post ANY information on ANY stranger who'd use SONY service for the simple task of running their reputation into the ground.

wtf is wrong with people? this isn't about rights, people's freedoms or anything of the sort

it's a coordinated attack that is a half joke, on SONY

if these clowns had anything in mind for US PEOPLE? they would have went after BP... BP is silencing people and workers cleaning up their oil mess... a mess that is literally killing the same people who have been paid to clean it up, by BP.

Look up "BP silencing people" Anon/hacker groups
THESE are the real murderers and anti-human-anti citizen corps. that need a hacking. an their information exposed.

not SONY. pffft.

people need to crowbar remove their head from their asses and stop blindly following the sheep herd

elcompa4252572d ago

Just like it's your fault that someone breaks into your car forcefully, or your home? Yeah, awesome.

Tony-Red-Grave2572d ago

if aony isnt taking resposiblity already then your just on the purple drank.... get off it

joeorc2572d ago

"if aony isnt taking resposiblity already then your just on the purple drank.... get off it "

I mean what is taking responsibility?

rebuilding the the entire PSN..check
they already had apologized in public..check
they are reimbursing their consumer's...check
paying for consumer's id protection...check

so what else would you like there sparky?

somehow i get the feeling no matter what they do or say at this point, it would never be enough.

an the people dwelling over an over about this is it seems is more important trying to convince others to join them in distaste for anything an everything Sony at this point because of how others feel about the situation
than they are themselves.

It seems others just cannot worry about themselves instead they want to belittle other's because they do not feel the way they do about this situation. that say's once again more about you than it does other's..

alpha personality traits showing through it seems...tsk.tsk.

Tony-Red-Grave2572d ago

just noticed i misspelled sony thats a fail on my end

BlackTar1872572d ago


internet alphas. None of these tools are alpha in RL. thats why they use 1/2 info and go on and on spread FUD. you ask tem for concrete evidence and you get nothing but blog posts.

BlackTar1872572d ago

wow you guys are so misinformed its scary.

Please go ahead and post legitimate articles with facts for everyone to read. I will accept no blog posts or opinion pieces please do so now

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pupa2572d ago

So the lowlife cyber criminals were given another platform to represent their crimes as Robin Hood style heroism. Do you people not see that if you feed these monkeys before they are jailed, it would be the same as daring them to do what they want. They are thieves and blackmailers, stop giving them a platform to launch from and as such thus stroking their egoistic self esteems. NG4 should block all these articles as spam of the worst kind. They are just a bunch of useless misfits!

Sahil2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Well.. I don't see any reason behind N4G marking these articles spam, they are making more hits for articles like these, have you seen the popularity level of "anon" articles, people are crazy as they do care about their systems and data, thy need info.

Sahil2572d ago

I think its likely that Anonymous started the hacked. A second party likely piggybacked off their success and decided to steal the personal info and credit card info. Anonymous wasn't likely expecting that, so now they are in deeper than they expected. I could be wrong, be it sounds like a likely scenario.