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"PC gaming may have taken a hit with the emergence of consoles. This certainly hasn’t really made it the less popular platform. Think about it, most games according to me would definitely be a lot better playing them with a keyboard and mouse rather than a controller. Building a gaming PC may be a little on the expensive side but for me gaming on a computer is totally awesome."

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BeOneWithTheGun2545d ago

I think an important part (not mentioned) is buying a good, reliable motherboard.

No_Pantaloons2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

What horrid write up. I have to fix the many misleading points.

1."first and foremost investment should be on your CPU" - wrong, if youre starting from scratch a sandybridge quad like the 2400 is plenty, but if youre upgrading or on a very tight budget any quad or even tri-core like the phenom II x3 will run any current game, so you'd best shift money to the graphics card.

2."If you want the top of the line card, you should get the ATI 6990 or the Nvidia GTX 590." - no, anyone reading an article like this should NOT be interested in either card as they are for enthusiasts only. There is NO NEED for either as they are extremely expensive and offer almost nothing but bragging rights for someone who isn't skilled enough to have a setup requiring such (like eyefinity.)

3."As for the low end ones, well it’s best you don’t even look at them." -WOW this just proves how noob the author is. Even cheap graphics cards are eating up current games, software is playing catch up. A cheap $120 5770 can play mass effect 2 at 1920x1200 max detail at 80fps. Crysis high detail 34fps.

4."About 8 GB of RAM should be more than sufficient." thats right it is MORE than sufficient. 4 is suffiecient for almost all gamers. And most shouldn't waste extra money for things they wont even notice. The recommenation should be 4, then tell people if they find a good deal for 8gb and want it, then to go for it.

5."So there you go the essential components required in building a gaming PC!" - just mind blowing. You say nothing about a PSU or cooling while giving tips for building a pc, that's so much fail my head hurts. A good psu is absolutely necessary for building a good gaming machine, as power fluctuations can cause crashes as well as take out the entire system. Same for overheating from not using a decent case/fan setup.

I really hope no one reads this junk article and thinks they learned something about building a computer cause its totally wrong. Please research from a reputable site if you're interested in pc gaming, its well worth the effort.

thehitman2544d ago

I have to agree and disagree w/ u on some points. 5770 is not good enough at this point in time if u have anything less say a 5850 you will find out soon that your card will become outdated within the next year and if your just now building a computer you want something to last you 4-5 years. Game I am playing on my computer now on maxed out settings puts me at 25 fps in the most intensive points and if i had something as low as a 5770 it be like 15-20 fps.

Ram wise 4gigs is TOO low 6gigs is a sweet spot but anything 4gigs and lower definitely wont cut it as seeing I opened up my task manager and im using 4gigs of memory as while im typing this.

Cooling ya is something definitely that should be mentioned if u dont have that then you wont be able to max out your costly parts because they will quickly overheat a nice case and liquid cooling should solve that.

Also something I found extremely important which ill pick up sometime later this year getting a SSD is almost a must now a regular HD will put the 6gigs/quad processor to waste because no mater how fast your memory and cpu are loading/xfer speeds will suck.

hiredhelp2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

You know i gave my old pc to my gf thats core 2 duo e6600,2.4 ghz with ati 4870 and asus p5q3 deluxe 4gb ram zalmans heatsink withca nzxt59 case, this runs everything on high.

At the mo i would of had a i7 bloomfield but had to send the board back.. Asus p6T
Bent pins socket. Thoe now there phasing out the x56 the 1156 are now over taking with the upcomming 2011 chips with 9 core i beleave. I do have a hafx case. Nice very nice.

But this shows that even yesturdays tech is still good for todays games.

michass82544d ago

we need tons of cash for up to date machine..., then we have about year and something has to be changed... for gaming I prefer consoles some reason.