$25, USB Sized Computer

A small, USB sized device that can perform all the same functions as a desktop tower for $25

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Big_L2573d ago

Thats actually awesome, he needs to patent and sell these soon

fatstarr2572d ago

I actually hope he doesnt sell his soul. so many big companies buy ideas like this 100% then they put it in a vault or destroy it so it doesnt screw up what they have going.
its dangerous now adays, for example look up the Japanese guy that made the water engine and see what they did to him.

Megaton2572d ago

Can I max out Crysis with it? Probably need OnLive...

fatstarr2572d ago

This is a pretty interesting little device. if it were to pick up and become something mainstream it could probbly change the landscape of the os world.

Big_L2572d ago

I'm thinking if they add on a ~50 GB SDD it should stay palm sized. Then instead of every place you need having a computer and you carrying a USB stick, every place has monitors and you bring your computer

michass82572d ago

It will happen sooner or later... it will probably have the projector attached, so no monitors required :)

TheEatingChampagne2572d ago

Wait.. If this is the computer, and I don't have any other computer.. Where the hell am I supposed to plug this usb?

NewbAlan2572d ago

It's a USB in not out. It's so you can plug in a USB keyboard or a USB spliter for multiple accessories.

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