David Guetta hires ex-Pentagon agent after new single stolen

David Guetta has hired an ex-Pentagon agent to investigate the theft of a his new single entitled “Where The Girls At”. The song was released earlier this week via the interwebs and it seems to be “a big worry” for him and his record label.

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Sahil2601d ago

Who's trying to drag David Guetta into Techspy, nooo stop, not him(he's an idiot) doesn't he know sony playstation network was hacked for 2 weeks, this is just a single :)

fatstarr2601d ago

lol i guess this is a first maybe if this becomes a success movie studios all over will take the same action. but its not that big of a deal chris brown had his whole album leaked months before release.

Speed-Racer2601d ago

I always wondered how songs were leaked. Never really thought guys would have gone all the way to to studio to get it.

_Q_2601d ago

Its probably internal... I think dude hired this person more for scare value.

Speed-Racer2601d ago

Possibly. I know gaming leaks are usually intention from the inside just to cause hype and what not.

zag2600d ago

It'll have been copied at the CD factory.

Most of the stuff comes from there.

That's why you'll see stuff, days, weeks months ahead of the release date, because that's when the CDs are getting produced.

fatstarr2600d ago

Nah what happens is people 1st string pirate/steal it then they bring it to a warehouse and they homade mass produce it on the cheapest disks possible using Burning towers.

michass82600d ago

Well it must be annoying, that someone still your work... anyway it happens all the time... he took this case pretty serious, there will be some bodies found later in the month :)