You are NOT allowed to commit suicide: Workers in Chinese iPad factories forced to sign pledges

Daily Mail: "Factories making sought-after Apple iPads and iPhones in China are forcing staff to sign pledges not to commit suicide, an investigation has revealed."

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Speed-Racer2572d ago

Yup! So I guess they will be suing dead people right?

*Jumps of a building* Well ma'am, before you go into the burial ground, we need you to appear in court due to you voiding your contract.

Techsmith2572d ago

There families perhaps?

Sahil2572d ago

No there isn't going to be any lawsuit or suing of some kind, not to their families too, it's just to make sure they are not thinking about it.

fatstarr2572d ago

thats mind control and it wouldn't pass in the usa. its a shame that those 14 workers had to work in such bad conditions and basically become some type of martyrs for the world to take notice.

GodsHand2571d ago

In some states, it's illegal to commit suicide. I never really seen anything being done, when people fail to kill themselves.

But, if a person wanted to die, let them, I don't see how it effects another, just maybe a companys reputation, but if it got to that point, maybe something is wrong with the company, and not the person.

Senden2571d ago

I think it's to do with the workers family suing the company.

KingLizzle2572d ago

Lol, not exactly a classy move! Seems odd that you can sign away your family's legal rights over there!

_Q_2572d ago

Oh wow. Pure absurd comedy. Poor people they didn't choose to be born there...

Speed-Racer2572d ago

Although Foxconn is actually one of the better places to work. It seems the suicide rate in other companies in much higher according a couple reports I read.

Sahil2572d ago

Yeah, I think it's just to assure that they are not thinking of that thought.

aaaaaaaaa2572d ago

Wow horrible story
show how cheep human life can be

kingdavid2571d ago

"Conditions are harsh and they don't have a social life. Their life is just working in a factory and that is it.'"

Why would anyone wanna live like that?

xino2571d ago

f*king hell man!

China again! these farking government man!

why can't these people quit the job instead of committing suicide?
these people work 16hours a day man...or MORE o_O

Big_L2571d ago

"why can't these people quit the job instead of committing suicide? "

Ok, so quit the job and feed your family rocks? Cus its not like theres high paying jobs all around in China

xino2571d ago

contradiction much?!

quitting the job or committing suicide will still leave the family wtf are you on about?

Big_L2570d ago


They're in a hopeless situation in a life they hate

You have no empathy

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