Uranium could be the future of hard drives

If you’d been putting your money on a bet that SSDs will edge out traditional hard drive technology entirely, you might want to rethink your gamble. Traditional high-capacity moving hard drives will be around for a long time, most likely, and researchers at Nottingham University think they have a way to make them even denser: use depleted Uranium.

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KingLizzle2605d ago

Although development of the tech is still at a very early stage, it will be interesting to see how it develops. If temperature control is important for the uranium to function magnetically, I could imagine one of the biggest obstacles being temperature fluctuations with a PC/laptop chassis.

fatstarr2604d ago

The trick is to keep the uranium cold. . I agree how are you supposd to do that at a cost efficient state. its a crazy idea and even if its non radioactive at the stage they are workin with it i wouldnt risk it.

Bounkass2599d ago

Yeah, then everynbody will have a ticking timebomb in their PC, lol. I wondered why they don't use nuclear power in cars? Crash = boom.