Introducing The Worlds Worst Android Phone: Metro PCS Branded Huawei Ascend

Derangedshaman: "At first glance the Huawei Ascend seems like an OK device, but once purchased and fired up for the first time you immediately get the feeling of being ripped off".

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_Q_2573d ago

Hahaha Three sentences in and I got the point. This phone is balls. Metro is doing well. They should pony up the dough to license a major maker to build a branded phone(if they want one this bad). But the author is right. 2G data in an emerging 4G world is inexcusable.

Techsmith2573d ago


One reason why I'll never use Metro, there phone selections are terrible.

_Q_2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I read that VZW phones can be flashed to work on their(Metro) network. Cool to know seeing that they both employ LTE as their 4G technology. It could be useful if you only stay in your area. Metro's roaming trade offs were bad when I last saw but who knows? They've grown a lot in the past few years.