Suddenly, Top Facebook Employees Are Quitting Again

Business Insider writes: "Facebook director of business development Jim Midgal has quit the company.
On LinkedIn, he lists his current job as "baggage handler" and his company as "traveling."

Gone too is Marcel Laverdet, one of the three Facebook's employees who famously got their jobs by infecting Facebook with a virus that made it look like MySpace.

Yesterday, Jonathan Heiliger, the VP of technical architecture, told Om Malik he was out, too.

We understand that a number of rank and file engineers have also quit the company in recent weeks."

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Sahil2573d ago

So these are the kind of news articles that businessinsider is planning on posting about from now, does anyone care :(

_Q_2572d ago

Yes because these aren't nobody data entry workers. These are people who have shaped Social media so where they go or dont stay does say something.