Judge: An IP Address Is NOT A Person

Tom's Guide: "In the case VPR Internationale v. Does 1-1017, Judge Baker denied adult film studio VPR Internationale the means to subpoena ISPs for personal information connected to IP addresses. His reason was based on the recent child porn incident where a man was wrongfully apprehended and accused of downloading child pornography when in fact it was his neighbor leeching from his unprotected Wi-Fi network at home.

Based on that incident, the unnamed copyright infringers accused in VPR Internationale's lawsuit may have had nothing to do with the alleged offense, but instead was "piggybacked" by the real offenders who possibly leeched from their unsecured Wi-Fi connections. "The infringer might be the subscriber, someone in the subscriber’s household, a visitor with her laptop, a neighbor, or someone parked on the street at any given moment,” Judge Baker wrote in his ruling last Friday."

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toaster2576d ago

Took them long enough. I've read about people getting wrongfully harassed because of IP address confusion.

Megaton2576d ago

It's about time. Law needs to catch up with tech. I always panic a little every time I read a story about some dude getting a party van in his driveway after some other dude was unknowingly jerkin around on his WiFi.

mindedone2575d ago

"This just in, in totally obvious legislation..."

But for real, this is good, and completely obvious to everyone except the legal process. Unfortunately law does not move at the same speed as technology.

fatstarr2574d ago

this is good news for torrenters and pirates hopefully the law will get a 2.0 update in the future. Maybe ill have a court case fatstarr v_____ and 30 years from now people reference to it.