Apple Said to Have Hired the Audio Genius Behind THX

Apple rumored to have hired Lucasfilm's former chief sound engineer.

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TheBeast2573d ago

So they hired Lucas? For what >.>

Sahil2573d ago

To me, this would mean that Apple is probably getting serious about sound quality. While everyone points to his work on things like THX, I'm definitely a fan of Holman's work on the nice Apt/Holman equipment that was released a few decades ago.

dkgshiz2573d ago

Probably because THX delivers the best sound quality that you can get.

_Q_2573d ago

Huh? THX is a standard to unify the experience between the Full Theater to Home Theater. A kind of guideline to follow along with supporting audio codecs and protocols. Sound quality as you're referring to it is subjective they are getting this dude because of his knowledge not because of THX itself. Apple WILL avoid licensing if they can own it and build on their own. Everything they do speaks to that point.

_Q_2573d ago

I think a lot of people are off the mark with Holman's potential role in Apple's future. I don't think Apple is looking to bolster their presence in home theater. I believe they are looking to looking to improve iTunes MP3 sound quality and possibly looking to apply Holman's expertise(this dude is super talented) to improve the sound reproduction of their products across the board(I can see the Macbooks being an acoustic nightmare). They want people to know they even tweaked say the iMac to take advantage of the higher fidelity.. Or perhaps to up their appeal in professional audio production. Maybe some stuff could be improved there? Who knows? Speculating is fun though.