Android 2.3.4 available via OTA; Video Chat now available

Google has officially released Android 2.3.4 via OTA for Nexus S and Nexus One owners. The update brings Video and Voice Chat to Google Talk, which is supposed to compete with Apple’s popular front facing chat program FaceTime. The update also fixes a couple bugs experience in version 2.3.3.

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Speed-Racer2546d ago

Anyone here have a Nexus S?

_Q_2546d ago

Not I but I'm dying to see it demoed in real world conditions.

RonyDean2546d ago

YESSS!!!! Can't wait to.... oh? Nexus S only? Nvm...

I really need to get rid of my crap Intercept so I can start using these cooler apps.

_Q_2545d ago

Only for now my friend. I'm certain Goog is prepping a larger roll out but yes update that intercept. ;)