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5 Cool Android Apps That Will Impress Your Friends

Smartphones are cool. That’s a given. Not all smartphones are equally cool, however – even when the hardware is the same. The apps that you install on your smartphone can turn it into a non-stop awesome train.

This is particularly true for Android, as Google is very liberal about the apps that can be placed onto the marketplace. You’ll find all manner of unusual apps for your Android phone. Exploration is part of the fun, but there are some very cool Android apps that you can rely on while tailoring your custom collection of cool.

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michass82581d ago

the only really cool one is the Google Goggles

fatstarr2581d ago

Google goggles is broken in my eyes i havent gotten anything to scan through. too bad if google developed it more it could be like the eden system from eden of the east. Back to the topic the Metal detector and the live walpapers = cool.

Sahil2579d ago

Eurosport does wonders for me, live football scores from any league of the world, the power of football is in my hands.. LOL