Jail for $193,000 phone fraud

Holy crap, lock up your SIM card and hide your phone when this chick is around. $200,000 worth of stuff in 3 months?

A woman has been jailed for using a stolen SIM card to download almost $200,000 worth of data from the internet.

The power company became aware that the SIM had been used without its permission between November 19, 2009, and February 9, 2010, when it received a bill for $193,187.43 from Telstra.

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Sahil2578d ago

"power company became aware when it received a bill for $193,187.43"

LOL.. were they sleeping at 100k?

The woman is so greedy!!

michass82578d ago

haha how she manage to get such a high bill in just three months... :)

Sahil2578d ago

If you have a loaded sim card which is not yours, you can get any amount of bill, you can try it :)

michass82578d ago

hehe she is like my girlfriend LOL

Sahil2577d ago

Now you know, what i'm talking about, BTW.. am lucky

toaster2577d ago

What exactly do you need to do in order to get billed that much :| Honestly.. I can't for the life of me think of any situation in which one would have to pay that much in just 3 months.

fatstarr2577d ago

I can
-Talking forever on the phone
- Broadband usage
- and downloading legal stuff which you actually pay for.

michass82577d ago

yeah, probably with the other side of the globe :)

fatstarr2577d ago

She was ordered to repay Aurora $193,187.43. L:mfao how she gonna do that.

stupid person she could have went about this so much better and she would have never gotten caught. sigh oh well her life is pretty much done now jail time and repaying almost 200k.