Super Soaker introduces a new wrinkle to squirt guns: magazines

It has been a long time since we've seen something new and interesting in the world of squirt guns. Hasbro has come up with a new way of keeping extra water ready for quick reloads when you're in the field, trying to soak your children (or parents, as the case may be) as efficiently as possible. With the new line of Super Soaker water guns you don't need to find a house or go inside to a sink: you simply remove your empty magazine and slam a new one in. It's like a squirt gun action film.

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toaster2544d ago

Pretty neat that it's battery operated, no more pumping for 5 minutes to shoot water for a whole whopping 30 seconds!

KingLizzle2544d ago

Boy do I wish they'd had these when I was a kid!

frelyler2543d ago

Screw it, I'm an adult and I'm not letting that hold me back. I'll pick some up and ambush my nieces and nephews while my wife rolls her eyes and disowns me.

Yi-Long2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

... giving my kid a tiny small puny little watergun...

".... now please don't shoot water at daddy, dear!!!"

... and ofcourse, the kid will squirt water at daddy...

... at which point I'll pull out my 2ft long Super Soaker Bazooka I've been hiding behind the coach, and drown the child with a tsunami of water!!!

Ofcourse, afterwards when the tears have dried up and the kid has finished therapy, I'll give him/her the supersoaker to play with! :P

Ingram2542d ago

Please Yi-Long, for your own good, never tell that story to a freudian

michass82543d ago

great fun for hot summer, I am still a kid, especially for my girlfriend...

fatstarr2543d ago

this is awesome. haha why wasnt this tought of from before. I wish i were a kid again sometimes.

toaster2543d ago

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy shooting people in the face with water guns :D

fatstarr2543d ago

I get shunned enough for throwing snowballs at people.
this awesome watergun will get me into some trouble lol.

Ill just have to wait for kids.

primesuspect2543d ago

Kids have it so damned good nowadays!

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