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Submitted by halocursed 1671d ago | article

How to Play PS2 Games on PC with Emulator

Akascope - "We’ve always wanted to play PS2 games on our PC. Well, now you can finally play your PS2 games without many issues using the PCSX2 v 0.9.8 emulator for Windows and Linux, created by the same team that brought you PCSX (a Sony PS 1 emulator)." (Gaming, PlayStation 2, Software)

curbowb81  +   1671d ago
Yeah I'm Dling this now
Sahil  +   1671d ago
Who gives a sh#t about PS2 games, come on and the thing about the PS2 Emulator is way too old before the relaese of PS3.
toaster  +   1671d ago
Well, considering PS2 games are 100 times better and more fun than PS3 games, I'd say many people would want to emulate PS2. Remember when console gaming was fun? I'll give you a hint: before this console gen :S
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Sahil  +   1671d ago
Yes, many people would want to emulate PS2 but it's too old(emulator) almost 6 years back, I had one and loved it.

But, in comparison, people would kill to for a PS3 emulator, I know I would.

"PS2 Games are 100times better than PS3"
Well.. that's your opinion and it's the other way around for me :)
Megaton  +   1671d ago
Toaster you hate PS3 games more than you should. They're pretty cool guys. Try them out, bro.
michass8  +   1671d ago
That is a treat for you :) but I would prefer the new games instead of looking at the past, anyway have fun :)
fatstarr  +   1671d ago
Last gens games were way better i 100% agree with you.

games today are souless
RufustheKing  +   1671d ago
"PS2 games are 100 times better and more fun than PS3 games"

some are but not all.

GUN is better than RDR
Star Wars battle front 2 is better than CODWAW to CODBOps
GTASA is better than GTA4 even Vice city was better than GTA4.

but UC1 and 2 are better than most Ps3, xbox360 games and so are MGS1,2&3.

being able to play Ps2 games on pc is a good thing

FF1o is better than FF13
Megaton  +   1671d ago
I give a sh!t about PS2 games. I'll take any emulator you've got. I've already got SNES, Genesis, N64, and PS1 games on my PC. PS2 is more than welcome.
HxCGamer  +   1671d ago
this is old news...

and try dolphin to emulate gamecube and wii games while ya'll are at it
GrumpyVeteran  +   1670d ago
I still have my game cube with the games somewhere around here. Might plug it back in for nostalgic reasons!

Also bought Action Replay for it which was some hack tool.
fatstarr  +   1671d ago
Man you know how many ps2 games i been dying to play and try out.
In on this the second i get home.
fady2hotty  +   1671d ago
I wouldn't mind playing the classic ratchet and clank games again on my PC.
michass8  +   1671d ago
well it is waste of time for me, however there is a big bunch of guys out there who likes PS2 titles. not for me anyway :)
gazerino  +   1671d ago
Errr am i missing something here? We've been able to play ps2 games on PC's for a number of years now. Is this just an updated version of an old emulator? Guess i'll give it a crack and see how it works..
Sahil  +   1671d ago
Yeah, an updated version of the old emulator, fixed some bugs :)
Peaceful_Jelly  +   1671d ago | Intelligent
I see that everybody's updating their Emulators. Even the ZSNES team announced that soon they will update their 4 years Snes emulator. The problem is that their emu was written in "Assembler" and now they are having a hard time porting the code to "C" so, maybe for next year?
nevin1  +   1671d ago
1. PS2 games are way better than PS3 games.

2. isnt this stuff illegal?

3. can you use PS2 controllers?

4. i have a BC PS3 anyway.

5. and a PS2 system.
dktxx2  +   1671d ago
2.)Technically yes, but its not worth prosecution
3.) Yes, just google motion joy
PirosThe4th  +   1670d ago
It's is not if you own the console and game lol...
Jlv123  +   1671d ago
it not illegal if you know how to get the ps2 bios from your own ps2 and you play ps2 games you own. this should be mention that its illgal if you download the ps2 bios off the internet which you need in order to play any ps2 games on this emulator also if you download games off the internet of course but you can use the ps2 disc while its in your pc dvd drive because ps2 games are not encyrpted like xbox and game cube games are.
ChrisW  +   1671d ago
I like the old 8-bit Nintendo emulator... There's nothing like playing games like Super Mario, Metal Gear, and Bionic Commando on your PC!!!
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rataranian  +   1670d ago
This is for all the idiots that sold all their stuff to GS for $2 to buy an xbox and are now kicking themselves in the ass over it.
mttrackmaster38  +   1670d ago
This has been possible for years.
GrumpyVeteran  +   1670d ago
Would prefer PS3 emulator! lol
caseh  +   1670d ago
WOuld prefer a PS2 emulator for my PS3 to be honest. They removed backwards compatability from the PS3 revisions and now it looks like custom firmware has gone out the window.

Rather than Sony develop this for the PS3 they know its better business practice to simply re-release PS2 games on the PSN for £12 a pop instead of releasing an emulator.

With an approach to business like that in some respects i'm glad their network got hacked. Greedy.
thinking  +   1670d ago
Waiting on a PS2 emulator for PS3 aswell.

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