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AT&T bandwidth caps take effect

AT&T's previously announced bandwidth caps for broadband customers have gone into effect today.

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Megaton2546d ago

Horrible news. I'm not an AT&T customer, but I've got no doubt that it's only a matter of time before this cancer spreads to Time Warner, the ISP I've been stuck with for many years. I know Time Warner was experimenting with 40gb/mo caps several years ago in Texas, but since it never caught on I just assumed it didn't go well.

Google's ultra-high speed service can't come fast enough.

toaster2545d ago

The Man is really cramping our style bro.

Megaton2545d ago

They are. I'd burn through 150gb easy. Maybe not by myself, but I don't live by myself. I'm not even the only torrent user in the house. 3 people use Netflix streaming as well. We probably burn through 200 - 400gb/mo. People utilizing clouds and offering media streaming services should be lobbying heavily against this.

thinking2545d ago

WTF, this is so stupid. I'm with time warner too, used to be with ATT. man wtf really, >:|

Megaton2545d ago

I was considering switching to AT&T a few months ago, too. Really glad I didn't.

fatstarr2545d ago

I will never use AT&T ever this is the worst...

Gondee2538d ago

when I switched they said they went doing a Data cap, well wouldn't you know, 6 months in....

Fuck ATT