Osama Bin Laden Facebook Page blows up in aftermath of death announcement

After just a few hours, the Osama Bin Laden is DEAD Facebook Page has shot up to over 229k+ users. This comes in the aftermath of Barack Obama’s official speech announcing Osama Bin Laden’s death.

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RonyDean2577d ago

Social media FTW! Found out about it on Twitter first.

rickhunter892577d ago

i dont believe that he ever was reponsible for 911 it was an inside job.

-Mezzo-2576d ago

Yes it was an Inside Job, Executed by Him, He was just a Tool that was used.

Yi-Long2576d ago

... but I think it's clear that there WERE people inside the USA government who knew about it in advance, and possibly allowed it to happen, not knowing full-well the scale of the events until it was too late...

(they might not have known the buildings would collapse)

Just too much strange stuff going on to be a coincidence. The insurance taken out right before 9/11, the people who said they were warned, paper passports from the hijackers being found among the debris without much damage while everything else is just 'vanished', including the black boxes(!), news around the world already reporting about the identities while it wasn't even released yet, the collapse of the 3rd WTC building (Building 7) which wasn't hit, etc etc etc.

So yeah, I feel this was on some level 'allowed' to happen, and there was inside info on the job which was already leaked out beforehand.

n4gisatroll2576d ago


Are you telling me the only buildings in history to collapse because of fire wasnt an inside job? Less then an hour??? need to look up info on that day. It's mostly known around the world as an inside job..

Dsnyder2576d ago

and I believe the holocaust never happened because I want to be cool and indie.

Aussiegamer2576d ago

Bahahahaha totally agree, I wanna smock pot and dream up crazy shit also, and read all the articles on the internet about it all. OMG so the second world war was an inside job aswell, must have been a jew trying to retaliate against his own people.


michass82575d ago

with this kind of organizations there is a number of people making this decisions and planning it... he was only one... a tip of the iceberg... and there is more for his place, never ending story...

Tzuno2577d ago

Go on mas-media feed the masses oh excuse me i mean feed the sheep's.

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The story is too old to be commented.