PSN outage 'goodwill gesture' includes a free download, 30 days free PlayStation Plus, Qriocity

Notes handed out before a Sony press conference today (timed so conveniently at 1am EDT in the US, and noon on the Sunday of Golden Week in Japan) reveal that Sony plans to offer free downloads of unidentified "content," 30 days of free PlayStation Plus access to new and existing members, and 30 days of free Qriocity service. The paper also says that PSN service will be restored "soon".

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thinking2550d ago

not bad, don't think that'll be big enough a band-aid to cover the huge gash on their reputation as a company.

KingLizzle2550d ago

It's going to take something special to repair the damage done to Sony but this whole debacle. I hope the free 'content' is a selection of full, relatively recent and high quality PS3 games. If it's some lame mini, PSOne classic or PSN-only release then I can see many being unhappy.