Redbox To Begin Renting Video Games

Redbox just announced that they will begin renting video games at their popular kiosks nationwide. The rentals will cost just $2 per day.

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Merivigian2516d ago

my red box has rented games for about 2 years <.< (last and this year)

ethan2516d ago

Really? I guess I'm late to the party because I didn't evan know they do that. I live in more of a rural area though, so maybe that's why I haven't seen anything of this yet with my local redbox.

techniglee2515d ago

This is the nationwide rollout, you must have been in a lucky select area.

Merivigian2515d ago

maybe a beta/test? That's pretty cool then

WildArmed2515d ago

Yeah same.
It's more expensive than traditional renting store thou

thinking2516d ago

thought this was being done already, ahh.

jon12342515d ago

theyve been renting games for a while, but they are horrible selection of games...

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