Amazon's cloud crash destroyed many customers' data

In addition to taking down the sites of dozens of high-profile companies for hours (and, in some cases, days), Amazon's huge EC2 cloud services crash permanently destroyed some data.

The data loss was apparently small relative to the total data stored, but anyone who runs a web site can immediately understand how terrifying a prospect any data loss is.

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_Q_2553d ago

Hopefully they take better measure to keep their servers up. They employ to tell them that things are going bad. I think there may be more here. Personally i use the new service. I honestly like it a lot. very convenient.

iNFAMOUZ12552d ago

Servers crashing everywhere, hacked companies, terrorists threats across the web, tornadoes and twisters spawning everywhere, end of the world anyone??? the signs will be more apparent soon enough.

_Q_2552d ago

End of the world or are there just too many people who can't understand that ish happens...

Agent_00_Revan2552d ago

And people wonder why I dont like the idea of cloud storage/computing.

I trust ME with my information and files. If I mess them up well then that sucks for me, but at least I know what 'I' did wrong and why I'm to blame.

Last thing I want is a cyber attack or server crashes to destroy my data.

hazelamy2552d ago

this is why cloud storage should be a backup to onsite storage rather than a replacement.