15 Android Phones Versus the iPhone 5

Paul Escallier of Tom's Guide takes a look at how 15 Android devices - some several months from release and some available today - stack up against some assumed specs of Apple's next handheld device.

"The iPhone 5 may or may not be coming out in 2011. Assuming it does, there will be plenty of Android-based competition to deal with."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima2399d ago

Who cares I'm tired of Android vs IOS!

gaden_malak2399d ago

I do. I hate my iPhone. It does nothing good.

gaden_malak2399d ago

Turns off at random, usually mid phone call.
Battery is horrible (but to be expected).
Lags a bit
Apple stole money from my account (nothing to do with iPhone but overall experience)
Poor reception.

I'm thinking the Xperia Arc at this stage, but I'm getting it when I go to Thailand.

Senden2399d ago

Freedom to choose, that's what the iphone doesn't do.

Anarki2398d ago

Take a look at the Galaxy S II. Best phone on the market atm, imho.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima2398d ago

Wow sorry about all that. I haven't had any trouble at all. Hope the new phone is better for you.

mcstorm2398d ago

I think once Nokia release there wp7 phones Apple will start to really struggle with both android and WP as it is now starting to get old and dose not offer half the features the other two do.