What Does The PlayStation Network Debacle Mean For Sony And Cloud Computing?

Derangedshaman: "What happened to Sony’s PlayStation Network is a staunch reminder of how unpredictable cloud computing can be. In a matter of hours if not days, hackers managed to break through Sony’s security defenses to gain access to the network and wreak havoc. Not only did these group of bandits shut down the entire PSN for a week and counting, but now were just finding out that 75 million of Sony’s users personal information could be compromised."

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Speed-Racer2612d ago

I think you put too much emphasis on the cloud. Sure VPN security is a better idea but I think cloud systems are pretty secure once the write security is in place (sorry for redundancy).

Techsmith2612d ago

I completely agree. Overall, cloud computing is a pretty solid technology. Company's needs to double down on security to make sure situations like this doesn't happen on a regular basis.