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Charlie Sheen Launches "The MaSheen" App for iOS

Maximum PC: "The thing about train wrecks is once an out-of-control locomotive steamrolls off of the tracks, there's no telling where it will land. Such is the morbid curiosity that comes from seeing where Charlie Sheen will take his antics next. He's tried talk shows, live streaming, and even the stand-up variety show circuit. What's left to, um, conquer? The mobile app world, duh!"

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cheetorb2587d ago

Let me guess, upon activating the app, it will snort up all your blow, call you a bitch and then quit on you.

Syko2587d ago

Na, it turns your screen into a mirror...Then calls you a bitch.

KingLizzle2582d ago

Good old Charlie! He can always be relied upon to keep us amused. A shame what has become of him though. As funny as his antics are it's unfortunate for his kids and family. Hope he can sort himself out and get back on Two and a Half Men.