The Future is Now, 2D Glasses for 3D Movies

MovieStinger: "The day has finally come and technology has once again taken a massive leap forward with the creation of 2D glasses. Yep, that’s right, I said 2D, not 3D. I guess some people get headaches when watching 3D movies and others just flat out hate 3D. The simple solution would be to just not buy the more expensive 3D ticket and 2D glasses, but I guess there are some people who get dragged to 3D movies by their friends or significant others, and I can somewhat understand how these glasses could be helpful for those that get headaches from 3D."

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No_Pantaloons2557d ago

OMG, So awesome words can't begin to describe it.......

stubbed_out2557d ago

Can't wait for 2D televisions!

DaMist2557d ago

This is funny. I personally love 3D. I own 3DTV myself. But I do know that some people don't like/or have problems watching 3D movies. so I guess this is for them, so that they can pretend they are watching a 3D film when going out with their friends and family and a, avoid a headache, and b avoid hurting their feelings?