Sony Suggests PSN Outage Is Their Own Doing

Have you been having trouble accessing PlayStation Network services for the last few days? Sony understands your frustrations, however, they also understand it was their own doing.

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darksied2559d ago

"Sony Suggests PSN Outage Is Their Own Doing"

"...we turned off PlayStation Network & Qriocity services on the evening of Wednesday, April 20th."

Um, yeah. Way to point out the obvious. Just because they took it down doesn't mean they're the cause.

JoeIsMad2559d ago

Of course it does. They could have waited out the repair and patched the servers live as they fixed the issue. It would have left the PSN online, though unreliable. In this way, everything is down for an indeterminate amount of time.

darksied2559d ago

Worded it badly. What I meant was, just because they had to take it down doesn't mean it's their fault for doing it. If there were no hackers, the PSN would be up right now, from what we've been told.

It's their system, they know it better than us. I don't see how you fix things live if it affects your entire network. If there was something severe enough going on that they had to take it down like this and lock out every single PSN user from games and such, then they HAD to do it. I mean, they're a business; they want to make money. Having this turned off will piss off millions of people and make them lose money. So if it was actually shut off, then I think it had to be. They wouldn't risk it for anything small.

RavageX2559d ago

Ok...this article is stupid, I'm sorry.

If the network was compromised and access to people's information was at risk, WHY WOULD THEY LEAVE IT UP AND RUNNING?

Of course they would take it down.

I'd rather they do it right and make sure they fix what they need to instead of rushing to get it back up.

WharenPeace2558d ago

I agree, it's almost as if the author is unaware of the concept of "cause and effect". PSN would be up and running (and I would be enjoying online Co-op portal as we speak) were it not for an alleged hacker attack by those V for Vendetta kids. Simplifying the situation by merely stating PSN is down because Sony switched it off, without discussing the meat of the issue, is lazy journalism at its worst.

JoeIsMad2558d ago

You should know that the "V for Vendetta kids" have come out to say that their group was not organized to do such attacks which caused the playstation network to go down. Their official statement purports that they will wait until this unrelated issue passes then start bothering Sony away from the Network again.