Apple Reports Huge Second Quarter Earnings

Apple (AAPL) just released a monster Q2 earning report. They reported $24.67 billion in revenue vs an expected 23.38 billion and an EPS of $6.40 vs an expected $5.37. Apple’s Q2 margins were an astounding 4.14 percent.

Apple shipped 18.65 million iPhones this quarter vs an expected 16.6 million. They also shipped 3.76 million macs vs an expected 3.6 million. iPod sales came in at 9 million.

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Captain Tuttle2586d ago

We should have bought Apple when it was 80 bucks in 2006.

sourav932585d ago

We should buy them now. Who knows what else apple's got up their sleeve.

Captain Tuttle2585d ago

Nah, wait till Jobs dies (gruesome, I know). Then jump on it.

Speed-Racer2585d ago

Actually stocks would plummet if he dies. He is the lifeblood of Apple BUT if he had a secret protégé, the stocks would dive, we buy them for dirt cheap and then hopefully that new CEO can bring Apple back to life ... Profit ... Win

sourav932585d ago

@Racer-X I like your thinking ;)

Captain Tuttle2584d ago

Yeah, that's my point. Jobs kicks it, stock crashes, buy it cheap. It might not ever get back to where it is now but it'll definitely bounce up from the bottom.