6 Year Old Spends $149.99 on Android in App Purchase

GYGG: "While this situation isn’t unheard of, it would have to be the first time that we have seen it occur on the Android platform. Previously, a parent noted that their child had access to in app purchases without the use of her iTunes password. The parent proceeded to contact Apple and have her money refunded. As a result, Apple came up with a new way of handling in app purchases that some may or may not find useful. The problem here is, who do you go to when something like this happens on the Android platform?"

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toaster2587d ago

I really hate microtransactions. If an app has a system where you need to buy credits in order to progress then I avoid it. Whats worse is the PAID apps that have microtransactions.. that's basically milking the consumer.

Strongfist362587d ago

I dont partake in those either. Sames goes for console games as far as add ons go.