Windows 8 Intends to Make Your Life Easier

TechSliver: The news about Windows 8 has been looming around in the market, however due to the current information one can easily foresee the new product i.e. OS of Microsoft is about to launch. One of the features of this OS has been revealed. It is interesting to know that now you can carry your desktop wherever you intend to, making your own computer available at your finger tips.

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Fallouts2620d ago

why the hell does everything ALWAYS have to be rushed out! just got the iphone4 and now they are talking about iphone 5, just got windows 7, already talking about 8. same with the damn ipad and everything else. wtf is the rush!

ChickeyCantor2619d ago

7 has been out for a while...

swishman2619d ago

its not really "rush", companies have to compete by releasing better products, but its good for consumers we only benefit from it

Blaine2619d ago

No, we don't benefit from it.

It's like Fallouts is saying: the products are rushed.

It's a business model (very bad one) that's caught on because it allows companies to have an edge. Rather than perfect a product before releasing it, they release it half-baked and patch it up. That way they potentially released earlier than the competition, and they get income from sales of the rushed product to improve it.

I fucking hate the way this works, but companies don't have much of a choice to do this anymore. If you wait until your product is perfect before releasing it, it's either already obsolete, or the competition's got too big a foothold on the market.

Fallouts2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

we dont benefit from it... look at the ipad i got the first one that came out with no retina display then within a year comes the ipad 2, not sure if it has retina but now they are talking about ipad 3 si if the 2nd doesnt have retina im sure the 3rd will. now how the hell did i benefit from that? i would understand some 3 4 years later but shit within the damn year?! i know apple could have added retina the first time around but why bother when they can shaft the ppl that got it early.

its doesnt have to be perfect but damn the little dumb shit that they added for the ipad 2 could have been in the first considering the damn thing was out within the year.

i would much rather them take their time to add real new significant features so that it can warrant the name ipad"2" 3, 4 and 5. dont rip me off by adding little features a few month later..

techsliver2618d ago

About the iPAd! Retina is a lot to ask, to be honest! the costs would go high!! but your example is exactly what I was going to post here!

iPad 2 has a Camera now! was it really TOO hard for Apple to give Camera in the first version! iPad 2 has a lot more features and "ON THE SAME COST" So why was it so hard for Apple to integrate a camera in the first version!

so its that business model, and the BIG GAME PLAN they follow! Again, they knew iPad needs a Camera but they also knew, Camera would be a great selling point for the next iPad! people are now dumping old ipads and getting new ones.. some millions sold already!

SO I agree to all you guys on this!! "They Know How To Sell"

Damn, I feel Like an Idiot now! buying every new product! LOL! btw! I kept my 2009 Macbook Pro, cuz the 2010 HAD NOThing new, 2011 Has thunderbolt! so no TY!

swishman2617d ago

yea but say u get an ipad 1, and the next one comes out, it doesnt affect you, you can still get the same apps. wen u bought it u knew it didnt come with a camera, so why get upset that others exist with a camera? just be happy that you have wat u paid for at that time, and just becuase there are newer ones doesnt make yours any worse, u can upgrade wenever u want, if u want but it doesnt matter if u dont

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xTruthx2619d ago

They wanting more money is the rush

techsliver2620d ago

you are forgetting, Just got Core2Duo and Corei7... just got Macbook and Macbook AIR! :P This is how they keep us busy and this is how they earn!

blakstarz2619d ago

and this is how they rape your pockets.....

VelvetHammer2619d ago

Great so another 100-300 for a couple of new things? PASS

Blaine2619d ago

I don't mind so much that products improve so fast, because I like to skip a few generations in between purchases anyways. What I fucking hate is products that are released broken and you suffer until they get patched sufficiently (MICROSOFT).