Uh oh' Mark Zuckerberg might not own Facebook after all

Techi: Seen The Social Network? Well, they might need to remake the movie if what Paul Ceglia claims turns out to be true. He claims that he gave Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, $1,000 to fund the project with the understanding that he would maintain 50 percent ownership, with more possible if the project was not completed by a deadline. This one might actually be legit.

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outwar60102715d ago

MWAHAHAHAHA always hated zuckerberg and hope he gets taken to the cleaners trying to fight this

Fallouts2715d ago

isnt he like the yougest rich kid in the world? i would just shut the shit down and disapear. fvckem!

gaden_malak2715d ago

Yeah, not as if he needs facebook.

Speed-Racer2715d ago

If that were the case, I would just take as much assets as possible leave. Good luck to the other guy.

zag2715d ago

The problem is proof.

then you need to prove that it's true in court.

Then the guy would need to prove he's meant to own 50%

Then prove he's supposed to own more than 50% at the court.

To be honest I don't think the guy will get anything and sole ownership will go to this zuckerberg guy.

Problem for other guy being, he's waited what 10 years later to say he's now the sole owner or something, the courts will look at that as well.

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