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Samsung Charge 4G Official Price Confirmation

Set to launch at Walmart Stores Inc., Reviews On Q has a snapshot of the official pricing. Speculation about the Samsung “Droid” Charge price point can now come to a close.

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JoeIsMad2596d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Thunderbolt is selling at under $200, right? Though this is a 4G device with an 8 MP camera, the processor just doesn't seem quick enough to go for this rate.

Speed-Racer2596d ago

The thing with Megapixels is that it doesn't really tell you how good images are going to be. I remember sometime back when I purchased a Blackberry, I was thinking about getting a Motorola VE66 (since i was hardcore motorola back in the day) but after seeing the camera quality on both, the BB definitely won even though both of them have the same megapixel quality. Also the iPhone 4 has a much better camera than the Nexus One (which i currently have) yet they have the same megapixels i believe. HTCs seems to have better phones in the overall... haven't had much faith in the samsung line.

JoeIsMad2596d ago

Yes, again true. You probably had a smaller lens, which isn't going to be able to accept as much light, which means a grainier image. That's why Digital SLR pictures look so much better in low light than point-and-shoot images.

Darkspade2595d ago

Dam I have a Droid X but never Happy.. I want the Newest Phone but They are so many.. and so many coming out..