How ARM Processors Will Conquer the World

NextGenRetro: We live in a world where CPU’s use a lot of power. They need heatsinks and fans and big batteries. Everything has ran on the same type of CPU (generally) and everything has progressed from there. Its what we are used to and what we are comfortable with. Well, now ARM cpu's might be here to change all that.

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toaster2592d ago

Not sure I agree with everything the author writes, but I can definitely agree with some statements. I definitely do not think slates/tablets will replace the desktop computer any time soon. I guess it all depends on what you do with it. For me, I lay games and a touch screen tablet device is not going to cut it. The PC enthusiast scene is growing larger with the constant improvements and innovations when it comes to pure horsepower. You definitely will not get the same performance on a tablet as you would on a high-end machine.

However, I do think that the grandparents' computers will become obsolete and will be replaced with tablets. They are just more functional and logical for people that don't need the power of a full desktop PC. ARM procs are great and the mobile market is definitely innovating beyond what anyone would think is possible.

shanesgc2591d ago

I don't think PC will ever go extinct (not soon anyways) but market share will go to ARM sooner or later.