Apple Sues Samsung Over Galaxy Phone Series and Tablet Series

TechSliver: The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung. The lawsuit is over the “look and feel” of Samsung’s Galaxy phone series and tablets. The Galaxy series has the famous Galaxy S smartphone, Nexus S (Google smartphone), Galaxy S 4G, Epic 4G and Galaxy Tab, the tablet device...

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thinking2621d ago

this can get nasty quick

frelyler2621d ago

Hey apple, why don't you take up a case against book companies, or wait, magazines? They have a similar size, they are colorful and display things. I hate APPLE and I hope their smug attitude gets slammed in court for wasting their time. They now have to take up a case against every single electronics maker who is delving into tablets, that would be everyone. Someone is scared their POS will be exposed as the overpriced under speced paper weight it really is.

ChickeyCantor2621d ago

I've got nothing...

--------2621d ago

"Bad artists copy, great artists steal." - Steve Jobs

(I know it's not ORIGINALLY HIS quote, but he's said it quite a few times)

Get over it Steve, nothing is original.

R6ex2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

I hated Apple the day they didn't include replaceable battery for their iPod. Not to mention how damn long they took to include FM radio (is radio already a feature of their iPod? Frankly, I couldn't care less.)

I'm looking forward to Tegra 3 Android tablets.

Bathyj2621d ago

Bought a Galaxy Tab Last night. :P

They're alot cheaper and more flexible than iPads.

badz1492621d ago

and initially iPad cost more than Tab. but when iPad 2 were announced, iPad got massive price reduction over here and cost more less than Tab! the thing about the tab is, I want it to be at Android 2.3 which it is not!

but I think Samsung is going too far this time. the 1st thing I though when I saw and hold their Galaxy Ace was "this looks too much like iPhone already!"