The 15 Hottest iPhone 5 Rumors, So Far

TechSliver: Here is a list of the hottest rumors so far related to iPhone 5. This will cover everything you need to know about the upcoming iPhone from design to display and from camera to storage.

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outwar60102590d ago

:( i just bought an iphone 4 like 2 weeks ago

Si-Fly2590d ago

You must've been aware that 5 was coming?! Oh well, you should be able to upgrade to 6 next year :)

outwar60102590d ago

lol yh i'll be happy with 4 for a while im sure ill be buying every other one from this day forthe well untill they start calling them names instead of numbers

Si-Fly2590d ago

If you anything like me and everyone I know with an iPhone you'll never want anything but an iPhone from now on, enjoy :)