Behind the Largest Counterfeit Audio Sting in History

Early on the morning of October 28, 2010 a massive strike force assembled outside the Meipai Electronic Audio Factory and three other storage facilities in and around Southern China's Enping City. What had started out as a tip from a handful of major audio equipment makers led to a months-long investigation by Guangdong Public Security Department and Jiangmen City police. By day's end, four people were in jail and 1,200 counterfeit audio items were in police hands, and the so-called "New Dynamics Audio Equipment Factory" was effectively shut down. It was the first salvo in a new war against fake wares, lead by an unlikely coalition of audio companies who, though fierce competitors in stores, are closely allied against a common enemy.

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_Q_2618d ago

In a weird twist. I saw a video explaining some of the counterfeits and the bootleggers are so good the fakes actually sound good making it even harder for the user to tell the difference. Luckily Monster changed the tour design which will take a while fakes to be made. I've personally had to deal with this so its cool to see some good being done about the issue.