From iPhone to Android: Making the Switch

GameJudgment writes: "Every time I walk past the Eaton Centre’s Apple Store I’m slightly disgusted. The throngs of dedicated Apple-ites blindly swarming around whatever shiny new iProduct just hit the market always remind me of flies circling around crap."

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Captain Tuttle2596d ago

I'm really digging my HTC Inspire. I'm never going back to Apple

Techsmith2596d ago

"I'm never going back to Apple"

What exactly does that mean?

Speed-Racer2596d ago

It means he is never going back to Apple products?

Techsmith2596d ago


What did Apple ever do to him?

Pandamobile2596d ago

Provided the inferior product?

RBdrift2595d ago

I love my Android but my Macbook pro is still the shiznit.

AAACE52595d ago

I used to want Apple products so bad, but when I actually got them or spent an extensive amount of time using them... I hated them and wondered why do people like this sh*t so much!

Love my android an apple and black berry can kiss my @ss!

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iliimaster2596d ago

i had my iphone 3g andman i loved that phone i recently upgraded to a HTC inspire 4G att... and well altouugh its a good phone i really love the flash on it and great features but no netflix with that big screen its almost a waste.. i thought id be happier with this new phone but i will be getting an iphone 4 or 5 when it comes out

uHuRu2595d ago

lol, this is nothing but an Android bash article, seriously, anyone who cannot read between this guy's bullshit is as deluded as the author.

TheBeast2595d ago

and there are always people who defend the first thing of the product like that came out. Apple>Android. 360>PS3

It is a never ending battle, best not to be involved.

pat_11_52595d ago

It's not really bullshit, nor am I bashing Android or Apple really. I provided a reasonably balanced opinion. I like my Android device and it's a decent iOS alternative, It is just in so many ways very similar to Apple's platform minus the awesome apps.

Revvin2595d ago

Why do people get so emotionally attached to a piece of hardware? you'd think he wrote an article calling someone's mother a whore.

My first smart phone was a Blackberry Storm, it was good but nowhere near as good as my current iPhone 4. When my contract is up next though I will evaluate all the handsets available and may even go with an Android based handset. The article does raise some concerns of mine in regards to the software upgrades. With my iPhone I know when an update is available and know it will be compatible with my handset. Perhaps an Android user can put my mind at rest that I'm not going to be stuck with a handset with no software updates if I switched to Android.

outwar60102595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

lol i recently made the opposite switch. I sold my galaxy s to get an iphone 4. I am just loving this phone battery last sooo long, an actual hdd that i can fill with apps if i choose to, a music program that is flawless along with most of functionality as i had before well everything minus custom roms which is beyond most people anyway. The iphone 4 i bought was used it broke 2 weeks later i checked on the apple website and it was still under apple warranty and they gave me a brand new one.

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