Bitmob | The 3D bubble is ready to burst

Something’s wonky in the consumer electronics industry. A certain three-dimensional bubble is on the verge of bursting. The captains of industry are betting the house on a technology that no one seems to want. Meanwhile, the gaming press has seemingly done a complete 180 on the 3DS—from giddy to cautiously optimistic.

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techniglee2773d ago

3DS hurts my eyes... Don't like it. 3D is great.... In the theaters. Once LCD/LED glasses free 3D improves it will become mainstream. Gotta disagree

toaster2772d ago

As with many people, I believe 3D is just a fad that will pass over quickly. And hopefully it does sooner than later.

Captain Tuttle2772d ago

This toaster man speaks the truth.

RememberThe3572772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

I disagree. It seems everything new is labeled as a fad (Ipods, Wii, rap, the list goes on and on). 3D is cool if done right and we'll see it improved over time. There is obviously a market for it and electronic companies are putting it in everything. You guys can sit back and predict "fad" but I would be cautious to just write id off like that. Like all tech it will improve over time. TVs, videogames, theaters, etc., will get better.

Vherostar2771d ago

I dont think so but I think we won't be moving away from glasses free 3D anytime soon.

thinking2772d ago

playing the 3DS does indeed hurt the eyes a bit. I assume the same is for 3D with console gaming. it's a cool gimmick nonetheless.

Speed-Racer2772d ago

3D is a total fail, I can predict how much eye strain it will cause, so good luck to those who still want to invest millions in the fad.

fatstarr2772d ago

3DS in 2D is not a fail.

colonel1792772d ago

3DS in 2D is DS 1.5... so yes, a fail...

Vherostar2771d ago

it's not even DS 1.5 as its not even graphically better its a DSI with 3d that's all the 3DS is. Nintendo are very clever at repackaging the same old stuff and making it sound and look new.

fatstarr2771d ago

O.O This guy above me is clearly blind. by your logic wii graphics dont look better than n64 graphics.

colonel1792771d ago

fatstarr.. no,it's not an N64, it's a gamecube 1.5

Vherostar is right though... nintendo hasn't made very much improvement this generation (graphically).. they are just good at marketing and they know who to sell them to (in this case, casual people)

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