YouTube sending repeat infringers to copyright school

Ars Technica: "Those of you who have checkered driving records are familiar with the concept of traffic school. Google has decided to take that concept and move it to the Internet with the introduction of YouTube Copyright School, which will now be required for users who upload videos that are taken down due to copyrighted content.

In the past, YouTube has simply suspended the accounts of users who uploaded three videos that sparked copyright complaints."

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TheBeast2567d ago

This will indeed help out a ton.

hazelamy2567d ago

maybe they should actually investigate these claims before they suspend people's accounts.

and furthermore they should ignore claims from companies that file more than three incorrect copyright claims.

make these companies actually check to see if there's a breach of copyright rather than just blanketing the net with claims for anything that looks or sounds anything like copyright without any punishment for making clearly false claims.
like claiming a copyright violation against somebody just because they have the same name as some singer?
the amount of these ridiculous claims is staggering.
yet i've seen actual pirate material that's been on youtube for years without a thing done about it.