Apple is Quickly Becoming a Major Player in the Gaming Industry [Macgasm]

Terry Lucy of Macgasm writes, "Many of us have iOS devices that we play games on. Several titles have shown that this is big business, most notably Rovio — the makers of Angry Birds — who just recently recieved a massive investment of $42 Million, big money for a console developer, let alone a ‘small’ outfit like Rovio.

Also, while iOS devices have a multitude of appealing features, a Google AdMob survey recently revealed that 84% of iPad owners primarily used the iPad for gaming. Apple also recently hired two top gaming PR executives from Nintendo. So the question is — is Apple on track to overtake major console manufacturers such as Sony and Microsoft as the king of the gaming world? And is Apple turning that world on its head?"

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killershadow1172622d ago

Well first they would have to have made an actual game. So far they only thing they have done is make a portable gaming system. Before that they just made a terrible game console than tanked hard.