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Cerebral Pop: Why I Currently Like the 3DS

Chris Whitehead writes: The 3DS is not a worthless, gimmicky portable console. Not yet.

The short time I spent playing Nintendo's newest hardware changed my opinion of it from skeptical yet hopeful to hopeful yet skeptical. In a good way. Of course, the 3DS has very little to offer at launch, but that is no reason to denigrate the system's potential. And after getting a quick overview of a few of its games and features, I see how much the system has going for it.

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Strongfist362630d ago

As time goes on this form of gaming will become a niche for the hard core gamers. Casual gaming is being handled more by smart phones. So its not necessarily that these gaming systems are failing or getting worst, it's just that its become an inconvenient to the casual gamer as far as money goes.