Communication vs. Vanity: The Difference Between Twitter and Facebook

Alex Cronk-Young writes: It took me awhile to warm up to Twitter after I joined it back in January of 2009. It wasn't until that May that I realized I could turn on text message notifications on my phone and use it to stay up to date with E3 (The Electronic Entertainment Expo, gaming's big showcase of the year) news while I was at work. Once I was hooked on having tweets sent straight to my phone for me to read, I knew the next step was to make actual connections with people. I was only following a bunch of game journalists and celebrities at that point, and I wanted people who would actually talk to me. I added a bunch of like-minded gamers to my feed and soon we'd sparked up friendships while responding to each other's messages.

Facebook seemed to offer all of these opportunities and more. Your messages stayed visible for longer, and when people responded they had more room to say what they wanted to say. I started posting my odd thoughts and jokes throughout the day, hoping they might strike up a conversation. The most I ever got was a "like" or two. To me, there is a fundamental disconnect between the users of Twitter and the users of Facebook, and that is the idea of communication.

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