HTC Sensation Officially Revealed

The specs have been officially released for the HTC sensation. Have a look at the images and spec sheet here at RandomProdInc.

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Senden2627d ago

I'm looking at getting a new phone this year and an upgrade from my iphone 3gs. To the techies out there who know their stuff, how does this phones display compare to the iphone 4? I plan on going for a top of the line model but one big must feature for me is a HD display which I think the iphone 4 currently does the best.

Colmshan19902627d ago

It's not as good as iPhone's screen, but better than most other smartphones. It's a bigger screen though, if that's more important than resolution. (4.3" compared to 3.5") This does highlight the lower resolution though. (960 x 540 compared to iPhone's 960 x 640) The screen should still look fantastic.
Every other spec except storage outdoes iPhone 4, although I'd expect an announcement from Apple soon on a new iPhone, if that's what you're looking for...
I would say the biggest thing to look for is Android vs. iOS, Windows Phone 7, or Symbian 3, and choose whichever suits you best, rather than the physical specs.

uHuRu2627d ago

you pretty much nailed it. I'm getting the Galaxy S II but when choosing a phone, people should focus their research more on software rather than hardware.

zag2626d ago

The Iphone doesn't have a HD screen, the reason why it looks clearer or sharper is the pixels are closer to each other.

The Galaxy S II will be duel core and bigger screen 4.3inch but this screen will be amoled II which has the pixels closer and brighter screen.

The larger screen is much much better for typing on.

A Galaxy S makes an Iphone 4 look tiny, let alone the 4.3 and larger phones.

wicked2626d ago

A big plus for me on the Android phones is the flash support within the web browser.