iPad 2 displays 3D – Glasses Free

Apple will soon own 3D portable gaming. Jeremie Francone and Laurence Nigay from the Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble have developed a method to track a users point of view using the iPad 2′s FaceTime camera. 3DS can only show 3D from a single focal point.

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koehler832652d ago

Head tracking is not strictly 3D. The parallax effect only works when you move your head, not when you move your eyes.

thinking2652d ago

saw this, its pretty cool. it's not 3D though, its a illusion like those images we see on illusions and tricks of the eye.

still cool though.

jony_dols2652d ago

It would still be cool if Sony could incorporate in the NGP.

Even if it isn't real 3D, the NGP's camera and LED screen would work well with it, and it would at least give you the option.

tunaks12652d ago

isnt that Johny Lees tech?

trackstar1032652d ago

impressive. the only problem is THE IPAD LACKS BUTTONS. so anytime you touch the screen, the effect is ruined. looks cool for movies or accelerometer based apps though

thinking2651d ago

yeah i wouldnt mind if ngp incorporated it too. i am so eager to get my hands on the ngp. that device looks amazing