Here’s What The Car Of The Future Should Look Like

Derangedshaman:"What you are looking at is the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept, one of the most beautiful revolutionary concept vehicle you will probably lay your eyes on. For gear-heads, this baby is a visual orgasm encased in fine fiberglass and various materials".

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Speed-Racer2656d ago

Well they will look like that in the future -.- It's called a concept car, which will most likely go into production once they work out the design details and what not. It might not be an exact replica, but there is a reason for concept cars.

Quagmire2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Will cars in the future be able to run on another fuel source OTHER than petrol? Coz if not, its not really a car OF the future, is it?

try using a Flux Capacitor next time.

Techsmith2655d ago

Very true. The industry is going to have to find an alternative fuel source, oil wont last forever.

dkgshiz2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

That wont happen until oil is completely gone. The money is just way too much right now. After that expect to see a whole lot more natural gas vehicles. Electric cars are already proven to just be a novelty and nobody buys them. Especially at those nice prices. Honestly this car doesn't look that impressive. There is a custom car shop near me that makes things way more impressive then this.

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TheEatingChampagne2655d ago

I will not replace my lovely Camaro for any future car =]

TheKindRoost2655d ago

the car of the future already came out, it has features that cars of today don't even have yet.