Most Fragmented Hard Drive EVER

HardOCP: Although this picture was sent to us by Dennis G., a long time reader and friend of the [H], I want to make it perfectly clear this is NOT his computer. I can honestly say that I have never seen a drive this fragmented...ever

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ballsofsteel2474d ago

wow lol can you even fix that threw regular defrag software?

firetaw2474d ago

no particular problem here. more then often the fragmentation is not far from eachother. ive seen this before on a 2000 computer with 7 gig hdd.

Legion2474d ago

I have seen many computers fragged as worse if not worse.

People these days just have no clue what they have on their system or what issues might arise from messed up data and such.

Parapraxis2473d ago

Yeah, when I was new to computers I had seen my HDD look as bad as this haha.

TVippy2473d ago

The person making a screenshot with a camera is clearly at fault here.

undercovrr2473d ago

Can someone please tell me what that picture means?

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