Android or iOS? No Need to Choose

PC World: "A high-profile VC and a well-known mobile application developer were recently involved in a debate about whether to build for Android or Apple mobile platforms. The answer, it turns out: "it depends," "both," or "simply build for the mobile browser." The third answer is the correct one for most developers."

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Samus HD2600d ago

No symbian no.....? .... Ok

outwar60102600d ago

nokia doesn't use symbian anymore lol they now use w7

KingPin2597d ago

symbian hasnt changed in the last 4 or 5 years. im sure theres been changes but on the whole its still the same. the only major change since the N70 <after the lastest firmware update released in 2006> and the N8 <which was released in 2010> the only noticeable difference is the camera. im sure the hardware inside the N8 is way more advanced but the software does nothing to show it. android and iOS have surpassed symbian by years. People who still believe symbian is a major player in mobile OSes know nothing about mobiles.

as outwar6010 above me said, nokia switched to WM7. Even when the developers of symbian jump ship you still cant possibly think symbian is good these days.

Neko_Mega2600d ago

Don't know, I like my Android phone alot, it supports most of the things I need it for.

Aussiegamer2599d ago

Yeah my phone supports pron too. hahahahah.