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Old Lady Hacks Off Armenia's Internet with Shovel

Tom's Guide: "And you thought it was annoying when someone accidentally knocked the router’s cabling...

A 75-year-old woman in Georgia is facing a prison sentence after she knocked out a large portion of Armenia and Georgia’s internet for a number of hours. While searching for copper scrap, the woman is said to have damaged fiber optic cabling that provides 90 percent of Armenia and much of Georgia with internet access. Armenians were reportedly without internet access for 12 hours while Georgians were without access for five. Web users in Azerbaijan were also affected."

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Syko2662d ago

Damnit Lady! Stop Diggin mai internetz!

AuToFiRE2661d ago

this is quite comical, she just didnt want to admit she hates the internet and wants it gone

fatstarr2661d ago

she was just copper searching... i doubt she knew